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Lucky 13 FREE and Discount Books is Happening TODAY

  Hello, readers! Today, Friday the 13th, in the month of May and the year 2022, we are bringing back the Lucky 13 book promotion! I have collaborated with 13 authors/publishers who are offering a whole boatload of titles for free or 99 cents all day! Have a look around, grab some books, and I encourage everyone to click through each author's website or author page because there are a lot more books than just what we've showcased today. Some deals may be available throughout the weekend, others are one day only, and of course, glitches can happen, so as always, check the price before purchasing. That said, Happy reading! Free and 99 cent books for Friday, May 13th Click the image to go directly to the Amazon series page A Shot at the Big Time FREE   An Honest Living $0.99   Breaking News $0.99 Click the image to visit PB Cannon's website Turner: Bitter Change $0.99    FREE Titles   Boucher's World Emergent   Interruptions Click the image to visit Chess Desalls' A

I'd Like You To Meet A Few Great Authors

 Next week we have a Friday the 13th and if you're one of the few who has stuck with this blog for the past million years, you'll know that this is one of my favorite excuses to host a promotion. You'll also know that it's been quite a few years since I've done one of these, but seeing as I'm working my way back into the world of writing, it's time once again. For this promotion, I stuck with the theme of 13 (sort of) and asked twelve authors to join me, making a proper baker's dozen. Each will be offering at least one book, but some will be offering more, all priced at free or 99 cents. In the past, I've opened submissions to anyone and I may do that with future promotions, but for this one, I purposefully asked authors I know and think the world of. Each of these authors was asked to participate based on two main criteria: 1. I have read and loved their work. -and- 2. They're just really good people. My original plan for this post was to introd

Of Books and Borg

 This weekend, I ran my first book promotion in years. I spent not a small sum. Certainly not as much as some, but more than one day's wage at my day job, so it was significant to me, especially now, when literally everything has become so expensive. Whether I'll make that amount up remains to be seen, but early indicators suggest no, I likely will not.  And as I type this, I'm looking at doing the exact same thing again with several other titles. It's a gamble. One I'm more likely to lose than win. So why would I do this? Interestingly enough, the answer came to me after watching the last two episodes of Star Trek Picard.  Endorphins. I've spent the last few years without much in the way of creative motivation. Getting that motivation back has been slow going, but we're almost there. I've got a lot of half baked ideas on the table, but getting myself to sit down and commit them to paper has been a bit of work. That's where the promos come in. Well,

Oops I Did it Again

 Internet, meet Adele: Yes, I realize I used a Brittney Spears song to announce a dog named Adele and yes, I'm pretty sure I used the same song for a previous blog title. Deal with it. Last week, I took a little time off to revel in the launching of my first book in many years ( more about that here ), so of course instead of doing a whole bunch of book promotion stuff, I went out and got a dog. Who wouldn't? Nick! wouldn't. In all seriousness, we never intended to have just one dog, so I've been on the hunt for the perfect shelter baby to bring home. And while there are literally hundreds that I would love to rescue, Nick! had a few things to say about that. First of all, he is not the smallest dog, but at somewhere between 12 and 14 lbs (we've been feeding him well), and mostly chihuahua, he sees larger dogs as a threat. Or at least, that's the impression we get from all the barking and turf kicking he does when we encounter the big guys on our walks. But we n

Maxima City's Villains Are Back!

It's here, folks! Here we go again! Woo hoo! Just look at that cover! But don't look too closely. I've been out of the game for a few years and I'm terrible at digital art. Seriously though, this is a pretty big deal for me. Poster Child is the 4th Maxima City book, but only the second one written by me. As you probably know, I reached out a few years back to fellow authors CB Archer and Ben Mariner and asked them to contribute, since I've been on an extended author hiatus. And they stepped up fantastically.  Look at 'em, so beautiful, so balanced, so purple. And now I'm back, to hopefully once again jump start my writing career and revive this fun little series. Poster Child once again follows the villains. This time it's Gina Vasquez, also known as Acrobot, who I introduced as a work buddy/friend to that story's protagonist, Frostbyte. Gina's story was one I hinted very vaguely at in the first book, but I've always had a plan for her. In fa

Reinventing the Author (a housekeeping update)

Hey, guess what?  I'm back!  That's right, I've finished a book and it's going to be released soon! It's called Poster Child and it will be the fourth in the Maxima City Talent Series . This is pretty huge in and of itself, so I'll soon do a dedicated post with the cover, blurb, and hopefully a pre-order link, but this post is going to be a little bit more about my broader writing career. Specifically, what's going on now that I'm sort of almost out of retirement. Well, first things first, I want to note that I don't expect to match the publishing pace I had between 2014 and 2018. While I have a nice backlog of ideas I'm working on, there are several factors that will slow me down including, but not limited to the fact that I now work full time, my brain is aging, and Star Trek just keeps on putting out new shows. But I do have ideas. I'm planning to start with a couple of short stories I've had on the back burner for a long time. Which b

Confessions of an Apartment Therapy Addict (Mini Office Tour and Design Hack Rant)

 Hello and welcome to 2022, a magical land where ALL OF MY GODDAMNED PREDICTIONS ABOUT THIS EFFING PANDEMIC HAVE COME TRUE BECAUSE HUMANS ARE SELFISH ASSHOLES. Ahem. Now that I got that off my chest, all is not entirely bad so far this year. In the fall of 2021 we finally found a house that we love. While there were a few things I could complain about (like the former owners not cleaning anything), the truth is, this place is as close to perfect as I was going to find in a home that isn't a Palm Springs Mid-Century magically transported to a city I want to live in.  This, but maybe with a few handrails for safety because I ain't getting any younger. Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay But buying a home in the middle of a global pandemic that has caused product shortages and price jumps has not been easy. Especially since not only is this house bigger than the last, but when we sold, we downsized our already sparse furnishings. While living in a big, empty, echo-y space might sou