Lucky 13 FREE and Discount Books is Happening TODAY

 Hello, readers! Today, Friday the 13th, in the month of May and the year 2022, we are bringing back the Lucky 13 book promotion! I have collaborated with 13 authors/publishers who are offering a whole boatload of titles for free or 99 cents all day! Have a look around, grab some books, and I encourage everyone to click through each author's website or author page because there are a lot more books than just what we've showcased today. Some deals may be available throughout the weekend, others are one day only, and of course, glitches can happen, so as always, check the price before purchasing. That said, Happy reading!

Free and 99 cent books for Friday, May 13th

Heroes, villains, moral gray areas. This picture links to the Maxima City Talent series page on amazon
Click the image to go directly to the Amazon series page
PB Cannon: A teller of tales who enjoys concocting yarns of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and other stuff
Click the image to visit PB Cannon's website

Chess Desalls: Quirky, bubbly characters bumbling about their fantasy worlds
Click the image to visit Chess Desalls' Amazon author page

Inklings Press: a small press with big stories
Click the image to visit the Inklings Press website
FREE Titles:

Jenna L. Hughes: Emotive, authentic, and inclusive stories
Click the image to visit Jenna L. Hughes' Linktree page

Jane Jago: I write the stories that the wind tells
Click the image to visit Jane Jago's website
FREE Titles:

Chris Jags: Fantasy and dark fantasy tales with an abundance of demons, faeries, and mythological creatures
Click the image to visit Chris Jags' Amazon author page
FREE titles:

J Daniel Layfield: Sci-fi and fantasy served with a side of humor
Click the image to visit J Daniel Layfield's Amazon Author page

K. A. Lentz: Fanciful, emotional, world building
Click the image to visit K. A. Lentz's website
The Reaper Realm (Threads of Compassion) FREE

Andrea Rose Washington: Writing the unique stories she wants to read
Click the image to visit Andrea Rose Washington's Linktree page
CB Archer: Hilariously sexy adventure awaits
Click the image to visit CB Archer's website
Patchers of the Code $0.99

Ben Mariner: Science fiction and fantasy for the rest of us
Click the image to visit Ben Mariner's Amazon author page

Christina McMullen: fantastic stories in familiar settings
Click the image to visit Christina McMullen's Linktree page


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