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Sequels are like any other film, they're either a benefit or a hazard...

If you've stuck with me since the early days, back when I still blogged fairly regularly about subjects other than my own writing and how scatterbrained I can be, you might remember my fondness for Blade Runner. As such, it would not be weird to assume I saw Blade Runner 2049 and you're likely wondering why I haven't given my review yet. Well, truth be told, I have not seen Blade Runner 2049. Yet. There are a number of reasons why, but I need to make it clear right now that no, the sequel's existence will not "ruin my childhood." Yes, I might curmudgeonly state that the appearance of Harrison Ford as Deckard goes against what I myself firmly believe in regards to the original, but should a reasonable explanation be given, I'd be okay with this. Maybe. From what I've seen in the promotional short films (that I'll get to in a minute), I'm not sure I want to buy into what I think is the rationale. But nothing that comes after a thing I onc

Cover Reveal! The Princess Rebellion is Now Available for Pre-order

I am pleased to announce that The Princess Rebellion, the second book in The Kyroibi Trilogy, has been published to Amazon and the Kindle Edition is now available for pre-order ! Which of course, brings us to the cover! Once again, I was fortunate enough to have original art by Missy Sheldrake. This time around, Missy had three leading ladies to contend with and I think she did a great job of portraying them all. So without further ado, here is the Kindle Edition cover for The Princess Rebellion, along with the synopsis: Although Ellie always wanted to save the world, she never wanted to rule it. But as the true master of the Kyroibi and heir to the Korghetian throne, she’s now expected to do both. Worse, she’s also expected to play nice with the other leaders of the Ghowrn Alliance, including the overbearing Prince Gevandar, who sees her as nothing more than a weapon to unleash upon the Huptsovian Empire. When imperial ships are discovered lurking in Ghowrn space, war b