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Still Doing It All Wrong

A long time ago, I wrote a little piece on how I didn't define myself based on what others thought an author should be. At the time, I was just commenting on the fact that authors should help one another and not look upon other authors as competition. This is something I still live by. But ya know, there are a lot of folks (including other authors) out there who want to put us all into narrow classifications and lately, I must admit, it's been grinding my gears. So this post is a small list of authorly advice and tropes that seem to get tossed about as fact that don't really jive with my philosophy. But I must also make it clear that I'm not writing this simply to claim some sort of special snowflake status (I need not claim what I always knew about me). The point here is that I worry about the future of Indie publishing. I worry that would-be authors see all the advice being thrown around and shy away from doing what they love because they don't fit the m