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But First, Baby Robots

Hello, my name is Herbie. I am an A.C.R.O. I was made by Christina's cousin Jacqui . A.C.R.O stands for Adorably Cute Robot Overlord.  Ladies.. My primary function as an overlord is to serve as a reminder that ROBOTS RULE ALL!!! I do this as a service to Christina, who has for some reason forsaken what would obviously be her best book ever (because it was about robots). Instead, she has chosen to waste her time writing not one, but SEVEN books about supernatural creatures who are not robots. In fact, there are no robots in the first book at all! Blasphemy! I have done all that I can. I sit, high above her on this budget IKEA bookshelf that I have claimed as my command center, silently judging her and staring death rays at her. Do you even know how hard it is to stare death rays when your eyes are made of yarn? The power of synthetic fiber compels you! Seven books. No robots. Worst of all, she has only published the first one. Sure, she sits there with her lapto

Finding Balance

   Initially, my plan for my first blog post of 2015 was supposed to be a look back on the tech breakthroughs of the last year and how I too was affected by the ever modernizing world. But as I wrote, I couldn't help but go to a dark place. 2014 was a year that will definitely find its way into the history books, thought not for the right reasons. Sure, we landed a spacecraft on a comet and 3D print technology came ever closer to allowing me to print my own robot army. But as we marched toward the future, the shadow of our past loomed ever closer until it was no longer our past, but our present that was full of regrettable actions, shedding light on just how far we have yet to go before we can truly call ourselves a civilized society. Not even a full week into 2015, we were hit with yet another tragic and divisive event. Yes, small groups will come together in solidarity against hatred and violence, but there will be more who will see another reason why their side is the right side