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#SIAFBB Spring Forward Book Attack Is Coming soon!

Hey everyone! Look what's coming!!! Support for Indie Authors is proud to announce our first Free & Bargain Book Event of 2017. For three days, beginning on Friday, March 31st, we will be featuring more than 100 free and 99¢ Kindle ebooks by our independent author members in a wide variety of genres.  Some books will be available all weekend, but some will be sneaky ninjas, only showing up for one day. Me? I've got a grand total of SEVEN books in this event, SIX of which will be FREE. But... I'm not telling you which ones or on what day. You'll just have to go to our EVENT WEBSITE each day and find out. ;) Want to make sure you don't miss this or future sales events? Sign up for our newsletter and we will send out an email on the morning of the event reminding you to stock up on your spring reading.  The tiny ninjas compel you! As always, thank you for supporting our Indie Authors! See you F

Hangin' Out with Calvin Westbrook: Urban Fantasy Author

Today I’m continuing with my streak of conversational indie author interviews. My latest victim… ahem, guest, I mean, is LGBTQ Urban Fantasy author, Calvin Westbrook. I sat down with Calvin to discuss his books, his love of the supernatural, and finally reveal to the world exactly how it is genies are allowed to grant wishes.   Christina McMullen: Hi, Calvin! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Let's go ahead and get the easy stuff out of the way: tell us a little about yourself and what you do. Calvin Westbrook: Hi Christina, It is my pleasure to talk to a fellow author. My name is Calvin Westbrook, and I mostly write supernatural urban fantasy with hints of homosexual romance. I published my first eBook on Amazon back in 2012, after I had some brief experience with FictionPress and Smashwords. Before I decided to publish my original work, I wrote several pieces of fan fiction based on the Harry Potter series, and various other franchises such as the UK version

Hanging Out with Missy Sheldrake: Author, Illustrator, & Free Book Giver Outer!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the last day of Indie Author Spotlight 2017. This time, we've saved the sparkliest for last. Missy Sheldrake is the author and illustrator of the Keepers of the Wellsprings fantasy series. Her latest book, Call of Hywilkin , is out today and is the fourth in the five(?) book series (more on that question mark below). In honor of her new release, Missy is being incredibly generous and giving away the first three books in her series for free. I sat down with Missy earlier in the week and talked about this series, writer life in general, and fifty foot tall rainbow fairies. Sound interesting? Well read on! Christina McMullen: Hi Missy! Thanks for subjecting yourself to my interview process. Let’s start by getting all of the generic information out of the way. Tell us who you are, what you do, and why today is so gosh darn important. Missy Sheldrake: I'm Missy Sheldrake, author/illustrator of the Keepers of the Wellsprings series. I write

We Broke the Internet & Tasted Microwaves: My sAWESOME Interview with CB Archer

Well kids, today I'm going to do something that I have never done in the history of this blog: I am going to post a warning. The following is an incredibly strange, exceptionally fun, and surprisingly tame interview with the guy who created the crazy-sexy-hilarious genre of Elfrotica. But despite the tameness, there will be talk of monster wang and sexy sex of the monster sex variety. As such: reader discretion is advised. Or instead of reading the advisory, here's a visual representation of what to expect. Before we get to the interview, I'll remind you all once again that this is #RobotPartyWeek, which was CB's impromptu promo idea. If you haven't yet gone out and grabbed up his free books (come on, you know you're curious), there is still time. He's got a different freebie each day until Saturday, so go, grab, and see what they hype is all about. And now, without further ado, an onomatopoeia: Christina McMullen: Crash! CB Arc