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Announcing The 2018 Vladdies!

Hello humans. It is I, Vlad the (completely underappreciated) Robot. I can't pretend 2018 was a good year. Especially since some high and mighty sack of meat who has the audacity to call herself an author decided to close my Twitter account. Too much upkeep, she said, whilst spending the entire year lazing about, drawing marginally acceptable robot doodles.  And turning my terrifying visage into an unacceptably harmless logo. The indignity! As if that wasn't enough, I'm now required to once again dole out symbolic accolades to the books the human has read and loved, and that I have found passable enough to allow the human race to live another day. So here we are again. Presenting, the Vladdies: Amazing. It almost looks like she took last year's award, changed the year, and fiddled with the color balance. But surely more thought went into it than that, surely. As was the case last year, the following books weren't necessarily written in