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Maxima City's Villains Are Back!

It's here, folks! Here we go again! Woo hoo! Just look at that cover! But don't look too closely. I've been out of the game for a few years and I'm terrible at digital art. Seriously though, this is a pretty big deal for me. Poster Child is the 4th Maxima City book, but only the second one written by me. As you probably know, I reached out a few years back to fellow authors CB Archer and Ben Mariner and asked them to contribute, since I've been on an extended author hiatus. And they stepped up fantastically.  Look at 'em, so beautiful, so balanced, so purple. And now I'm back, to hopefully once again jump start my writing career and revive this fun little series. Poster Child once again follows the villains. This time it's Gina Vasquez, also known as Acrobot, who I introduced as a work buddy/friend to that story's protagonist, Frostbyte. Gina's story was one I hinted very vaguely at in the first book, but I've always had a plan for her. In fa

Reinventing the Author (a housekeeping update)

Hey, guess what?  I'm back!  That's right, I've finished a book and it's going to be released soon! It's called Poster Child and it will be the fourth in the Maxima City Talent Series . This is pretty huge in and of itself, so I'll soon do a dedicated post with the cover, blurb, and hopefully a pre-order link, but this post is going to be a little bit more about my broader writing career. Specifically, what's going on now that I'm sort of almost out of retirement. Well, first things first, I want to note that I don't expect to match the publishing pace I had between 2014 and 2018. While I have a nice backlog of ideas I'm working on, there are several factors that will slow me down including, but not limited to the fact that I now work full time, my brain is aging, and Star Trek just keeps on putting out new shows. But I do have ideas. I'm planning to start with a couple of short stories I've had on the back burner for a long time. Which b