Maxima City's Villains Are Back!

It's here, folks!

Book Cover. Background image is a city skyline in shades of purple with a pastel rainbow sunset. In the foreground are silhouettes of people sitting at a cafe. The title at the top reads "Poster Child Maxima City Talent Volume 4" with the author's name, Christina McMullen, at the bottom
Here we go again!

Woo hoo! Just look at that cover! But don't look too closely. I've been out of the game for a few years and I'm terrible at digital art. Seriously though, this is a pretty big deal for me. Poster Child is the 4th Maxima City book, but only the second one written by me. As you probably know, I reached out a few years back to fellow authors CB Archer and Ben Mariner and asked them to contribute, since I've been on an extended author hiatus. And they stepped up fantastically. 

Promotional banner for the first three Maxima City Talent series books. It has a thumbnail of each book cover along with text that reads, Three vastly different stories, protagonists, authors? The Maxima City Talent Series. Available for purchase in Kindle and paperback format or borrow for free with Kindle Unlimited.
Look at 'em, so beautiful, so balanced, so purple.

And now I'm back, to hopefully once again jump start my writing career and revive this fun little series. Poster Child once again follows the villains. This time it's Gina Vasquez, also known as Acrobot, who I introduced as a work buddy/friend to that story's protagonist, Frostbyte. Gina's story was one I hinted very vaguely at in the first book, but I've always had a plan for her. In fact, I started writing her tale not long after publishing A Shot at the Big Time back in 2016, but shelved it many time. By early 2020 I had a mostly written manuscript, but the end was eluding me. After a complete rewrite this year, I have something that keeps the spirit of my original idea, but has been updated. Here's the official description.

From the back of the book:

Gina Vasquez is living her best life. She may not be one of Maxima City’s many billionaires, but she’s got a pretty sweet set up. By day, she’s a small business owner and unapologetic foodie, but by night, she’s Acrobot, second in command to Maxima City’s number one Malevolent talent, Hostile Takeover. Nothing (with the possible exception of a really fresh salad) makes her happier than orchestrating from the sidelines while other talents clamor for the spotlight.

But when Hostile Takeover decides The Coalition of Evil needs diversifying and notices her second in command checks several boxes, Acrobot finds herself leading a team of unique talents who just might have what it takes to make a name for themselves.  That is, if they can stop bickering long enough to take their promotional photos.

Caught between wanting her team to succeed and her own anonymity, this former circus performer needs to get ready for the balancing act of a lifetime.

Catchy? Probably not. I suck at writing blurbs, but don't let that stop you from reading the book. I'm much better at writing those. However, do note, my often heavy-handed views are even more heavy-handed here and I'm not apologizing for any of it. At this point, if you're reading my books and you aren't aware of my beliefs, that's on you.
The Kindle edition is currently available for pre-order and will be released on the 7th of April. At that time, it will be available to read with Kindle Unlimited, but for how long, I can't readily say. The paperback version should be available to order within the next few days. As of this moment, I'm still waiting for Amazon to add it to the series page, so if you haven't read the other books, I highly encourage you to do that first.

Promotional banner for Poster Child. Background is pastel rainbow. Thumbnail for book cover is on theleft with text on the right that reads: The road to hell is paved with good intentions... Be sure to stay hydrated. Poster Child Maxima City Talent vol. 4 available for Kindle and paperback 7 April 2022
The purplest

I expect we'll be offering the first book free not long after the release, so keep an ear out for that either by following me on Twitter or using a service like EreaderIQ's Watch List, where you can be notified when a book you're tracking goes on sale. 

I can't wait for you all to read this and tell me what you think!