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This is the Way the World Ends (yet again)

It is possible that the following bit of prose may come down at some point in the future. Why? Well, as you recall, the last time I ended the world... it all began on this blog. There exist the possibility that I might end it once again... ...and continue to do so... (Yes, that means what you think it means) So without further ado, allow me to introduce, The Engineer When Dr. Thorza Murphburt was twenty five, she built a wondrous device. The first of its kind. Dr. Murphburt's device was in fact the world's very first robot capable of free thought. She filmed a video in which her device (which was roughly the same size and shape as an average cellular phone)  spoke glibly with philosophy students, questioning its own existence as well as ours, and generally proving it was indeed the most sophisticated creation at that time. Surely , thought Dr. Murphburt, this video will be seen by all the right people and not only will I get my grant, but perhaps even a Nobel

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, & Understanding?

Ya know what? I don't even like that song. In fact, I don't particularly like any of the bands that ever performed it. In fact, if I were to hear it on the radio, I'd probably say, "Ugh! This is the WORST!" and I'd change the channel. Suffice to say, I would likely complain. I might even complain to you. How fun is that? You get to listen to me telling you about something I don't like! And I bet you would turn right around and tell me about something awful that happened to you. And then I would have to one up you by telling you all about this thing that went horribly wrong. Before you know it, we've just spent the last several hours being completely miserable grumps to each other. We really should get together more often! This is what we do. We as a society tend to do a lot of complaining and negative thinking. Even when we try not to. This is true. We post more negativity to social media than positivity. For a good long time now, I've tried to