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As the World Turns

It's December 31st. New Year's Eve. A time when I typically stay hunkered down at home with a beer and a book because I'm old and people don't take the dangerous reality of drunk driving as seriously as they should. Occasionally, I'll look back at the past year, reflect on this or that, and look ahead at what's to come. I say occasionally because honestly, without looking back at this blog, I can't even remember if I did that last year. But I will say a few words today on 2016. Admittedly, there was a lot of rough things happening in 2016. Our global landscape is changing, both physically and politically, and not for the better. A lot of beloved celebrities died, some too soon and others because, well, none of us are immortal. But I can't get behind this negativity surrounding the year itself. 2016 is a numeric designation used for chronicling events both good and bad. The number cannot be blamed for all the bad that has happened. Likewise, we are no