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Summer Brain and the Ladies of Space

   After releasing my last book, I decided to give my brain the summer off. You see, as I've mentioned before , hot weather is incompatible with my brain. There was no way that I was going to be able to do justice to the all important middle book of the series, so I set the town of Blackbird aside and decided to see what else I might work on.    Originally, I'd planned to write a cute little memoir about all the crazy and unexplainable things I've seen in my life, but I decided I wasn't quite ready for that. I also had a young adult fantasy story about an odd young girl who mysteriously appears in a small southern town right around the same time that a bunch of suspicious fires are started. I decided that while I had some beautiful scenes worked out, I didn't really have enough of a plot to create a compelling story... Yet. So my thoughts drifted back to Princess Robot Commander. Rather, the story that I decided needed a different name.    For a while, I worked o

Write On! Special Book Launch Edition: Hollow Towns by Ann Livi Andrews

Hi everyone! Today we're giving the robots and vampires the day off and instead, introducing you to the highly anticipated apocalyptic tale from everyone's favorite Supreme Overlord, Ann Livi Andrews . I've mentioned Ann before as she is the mastermind behind Support Indie Authors . She's also the author of several fantasy tales ranging from the contemporary Rehab for Superheroes series to the magical fairy tale like world of her Two Land series. But today, we're talking about Hollow Towns, a near future apocalypse thriller. First, let's take a look at this amazing cover:  Beautiful, isn't it? And sinister. Having had a chance to get a sneak peek at the story, I'm going to tell you that this cover sets the atmosphere perfectly. But enough of my rambling. Let's turn it over to Ann for a behind the scenes and sneak peek: Welcome to Hollow Towns: a book that has taken me nine years and countless revisions to finally complete and publish. Ev

My (not so) Gritty Reboot

If you don't already know, and somehow managed to ignore the graphic directly above this text, I recently went through and did a major update to my series, The Eyes of The Sun. Yes, the second "The" is still deliberately capitalized, however, in the text itself, it sometimes is and sometimes is not. That part hasn't really changed. What has changed includes the spiffy covers you see above, the formatting (making all of the font sizes and indents uniform and in line with all of my more recent books), and another round of major edits, especially for Eyes, which for whatever reason, was my problem child. Because of this, I'm dedicating this week to making some noise with the intention of drawing you in and piquing your curiosity about this series. To do this, I have planned to release some bonus materials. What do I mean by bonus materials? Well, for one, there's this: This, minus the fleur de lis, was my original cover concept. The image was a combi

Write On! Indie Book Review #6: These Books Have Cooties

The other day I realized it has been a long time since I've written a Write On! Review post, even though I've read a whole lot of books recently. Well, part of that has to do with the fact that I'm actually woefully behind in posting reviews to both Amazon and Goodreads and part of that has to do with the fact that I've spent the last month in social media limbo after my tablet blew up. (For more on that, read my guest post about techno-dependency on S.K. Thomas' blog) So... To make up for this, I've decided to do a super-sized Write On! and yes, as the title suggests, these books are written by men. For those just tuning in, Write On! has traditionally been reserved for reviews of science fiction and fantasy books by female authors. Every so often I've allowed a dude to sneak in under the radar, but this time, I've opened the gates. Of course, because every once in a while I let a male author sit at the girl's table, I've also put female autho