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Top Diet Tips You Won't Believe! (or maybe you will, I don't know your level of dietary skepticism)

Am I sorry for the click bait title? Maybe, maybe not. I mean, in a way, it's not a lie. I'm about to list a few things I've discovered that have helped me live a more health conscious lifestyle, but whether or not they help you is a whole different matter. I currently have a constantly changing work schedule, which has been taking a toll on my ability to plan healthy and balanced meals. Not only that, but I'm a stress eater and in the last month or so, I've had a whole bunch of demanding projects added to my plate, so in a way, this is really more of a reminder to myself, but if anyone reading gets anything out of it, all the better. Here we go... When you eat won't affect your weight as much as what you eat, but your health is more than a number on a scale. Image by Shutterbug75  from Pixabay One bit of advice I've always heard is to not eat after a certain time. The idea is that we should avoid packing on calories before we go to bed because