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Great Pumpkins! It's The Not-So-Spooky Halloweeen Book Sale!

Hello! It's official! SPOOKY WEEKEND is here! Whether you're trick or treating, passing out candy, passing out from too much candy, or hiding with the lights off, we here at Vampires & Robots Inc* wish you the happiest and safest Halloween weekend. And what better way to stay safe than curled up with a good book or twenty? Well, we've got you covered! Much like that cool house on the corner that gives out full size candy bars AND bags of chips, you'll find something for every taste here, all by indie authors and all for the low price of free or 99 cents! As always, we have done our due diligence to ensure that we are being truthful, but things happen. Be sure to check the price before clicking the buy button. Click the image to visit Jane Jago's Amazon author page FREE Books Amicus His Sister's Keeper One For Sorrow Click the image to visit E. M. Swift-Hook's Amazon author page $0.99 Book The Fated Sky: Transgressor Trilogy Book One (Fortune's Fools

What's Going On Here?

Hello beings of Earth (and anyone else who might be dropping by)! It's been a bit since I've really done anything, but now, after almost 10 years of sporadic posts, is that really so weird? I think we've quite easily determined that what started out as a marketing means for an author all those years ago has managed the remarkable task of becoming something even more tedious and mundane.  But you know what? That's perfectly fine. There's something kind of fun and charming about constantly reinventing my purpose here on the internet whilst clinging to ancient mediums that have long fallen out of favor. So let's talk about what I'm planning to do now and let's not talk about how likely I am to stick with it. Okay? Okay! Well, first of all, you may have noticed that the last few posts have been me hosting multi-author promotions. Guess what? I'm doing that again. Be on the lookout for a Halloween promo coming up around...well...Halloween! Group author pr