What's Going On Here?

Hello beings of Earth (and anyone else who might be dropping by)!
It's been a bit since I've really done anything, but now, after almost 10 years of sporadic posts, is that really so weird? I think we've quite easily determined that what started out as a marketing means for an author all those years ago has managed the remarkable task of becoming something even more tedious and mundane. 

But you know what? That's perfectly fine. There's something kind of fun and charming about constantly reinventing my purpose here on the internet whilst clinging to ancient mediums that have long fallen out of favor. So let's talk about what I'm planning to do now and let's not talk about how likely I am to stick with it. Okay?


Well, first of all, you may have noticed that the last few posts have been me hosting multi-author promotions. Guess what? I'm doing that again. Be on the lookout for a Halloween promo coming up around...well...Halloween! Group author promotions are fun. I enjoy showcasing the amazing folks I've met over the last decade. Especially those who I feel deserve a lot more recognition than they get. It makes me happy to be able to be active in the indie author community even when I myself am not actively authoring.

And speaking of the last decade, we are coming up on the 10th anniversary of when I published The Eyes of The Sun. I'd planned to maybe do something cool for that, like write a ten years later story, but it would seem that aside from muscling through Poster Child, I'm not really in a place mentally to begin writing again, and also, well, expect a 10 year retrospective on what has changed since publishing and what I might have thought was okay then, but I find hard to come back to now. 

Beyond writing, I've considered picking up where I left off in the early, optimistic days of 2020, when I was hoping to document my journey towards a better physical and mental well being. To say that the last two and a half years have messed with that plan would be a massive understatement, but we're getting better at it around here and if things start to work, of course I'm going to share the journey with you.

Part of that journey also involves a lot of lifestyle changes that we're making in an effort to heal the planet as well and I will definitely be talking more about that, especially as we strive to go plastic free and eventually zero waste. 

And of course...

Tan senior chihuahua sleeping under a blue blanket. Her back feet are up near her face and she appears to be smiling.

Obviously I am obligated to post about these tiny creatures who have wormed their way into our lives. Nick! had his birthday/one year anniversary this past August and Adele is adjusting amazingly, as is evidenced by the picture above. I'll definitely do a whole post on them soon, including pics of their Halloween costumes that I made. 

So that's it, that's the post. See you on the next one.