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I've Been Doing This For How Long?

This November marks the fifth anniversary of the publishing of The Eyes of The Sun. To say that this is a pretty big deal for me would be an understatement. On the contrary, I'm blown away by a good number of things this represents. Not the least of which would be the overwhelmingly positive response I've received for my crazy ramblings. This isn't false modesty. I'm rather proud of all my creations and personally, I think they're rather good. But for other people to also share in the enjoyment of that which my brain has decided to let loose gives me indescribable happiness. And if I can continue being immodest for a moment, I have to say, five years ago, as I was preparing to publish what would be my first indie ebook ever, I had no idea I'd have the ability to do it again. And yet here we are, five years later, and I've got two completed series and another half done, three standalone novels, three short stories, and more ideas in my head than

Vampires, Robots, and now Worms

As I've been spending the bulk majority of Summer Brain 2017 ™ lamenting my inability to keep track of all things bloggish, it seems counterproductive that I'd not only decide to finally brand this site with its own dedicated domain, but also start a whole new website. Laughable right? Even more absurd would be if for some reason I decided to make a site that required committing to a schedule and making sure I had a sizeable readership who would be interested in what I'm promising. By now you've been reading my grumblings long enough to know where this is heading.  On the nonstop express train to cute mascot town! (Bookworm mascot by the highly talented CB Archer ) Introducing Bookworms Discover , a website dedicated to bringing highly underrated books into the spotlight with once a month free book promotions.  This site will be something of a hybrid that falls between the daily promotional newsletter sites and large but infrequent events. The biggest