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It's Time For Awards! The 2019 Vladdies Are Here!

Greetings, humans. It is once again that time of year where the lazy meat sack steps aside and allows me to share with you the books that were good enough for me to allow your miserable existence to continue for another year. Though let's face it, there really was no stepping aside this year. Has she done anything at all to merit her continued relevance? Does one single month of "spooky" stories count as blogging? She claims she's been busy this year. Busy with what, I ask? Busy exploiting my handsome yet terrifying visage for profit , that's what. But enough about the meat sack who hasn't published anything at all in 2019, this post is about authors who are writing books and good ones at that. How good? Good enough to keep me from destroying your planet, and as we all know, evil kill-bot overlords are not easily impressed and our primary function is to destroy all humans, so these must be pretty good. Now that we've got that established, o