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FLYING CARS! Announcing David M. Kelly's Newest Release

What makes regular science fiction even better? When it's set in the near future and features flying cars. Well, okay, there are a lot of factors that make sci-fi so much fun for so many of us, I gotta admit, I'm a huge fan of flying cars. So when I saw the cover for David M. Kelly's latest book, Mathematics of Eternity, which as you can see, features a flying taxicab, I got super excited. That's right, Uber, cabs are still a thing in the future. As fun as that cover is, it has nothing on the trailer, which you should go watch right now: Impressive, eh? Both the cover and the trailer were created by the author. I don't know about you, but I'm super jealous. In celebration of the release of this, David's first full length novel, I've asked him to tell us a little more about his writing, being an indie author, and which of his worlds he'd want to be trapped in. So here we go! Five Somewhat Random Questio

Indie Author Spotlight Week: An Intro & Some Robot News

Hi Everyone! Today begins Indie Author Spotlight week 2017! For the next five days, we have cover reveals, new releases, bonkers interviews, and a bunch of other amazing and wonderful indie book related events. To start us off, I have a very important announcement of my own.  But first... FREE STUFF!!!   Completely unrelated to this series, or the fact that my blog is robo-centric, or anything else for that matter, author CB Archer is hosting an impromptu free book bonanza under the Twitter hashtag #RobotPartyWeek. Searching this tag all week will find you random free books in a wide variety of genres, including CB's own self-styled genre of elfrotica. Later this week, CB and I sit down for a 100% wheels-off, adult-rated but still totally immature interview, which should explain a few things. Also coming up we have a Sci-fi new release, a fantasy new release, and a fantasy cover reveal that will make you swoon! Plus, I will break things.  Beginning with t