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Social(ly Awkward) Media Part #4: The Changing Tides of Awkward (Shout Out edition)

   Hey folks! Remember me? I'm the author who can't write, promote, and manage a blog at the same time, so one of those things has to suffer. Okay, two of those things, if I'm being honest, but one of them always seems to be this blog. But I'm back for now and devoid of empty promises, so let's get right down to the meaty bits: It's time once again to talk about how social media has and has not worked for me.    Now, this fourth edition of Social(ly Awkward) Media is special because it is also the Shout Out edition. What does that mean? Well, I'm going to be giving a special shout out to two lovely ladies who have helped me navigate this crazy world of tweets and shares and likes, oh my! But first, let's look at the platforms and what has changed... Facebook    I'm not gonna lie to you folks. What was at one time my simple to use, go-to social media platform is sucking eggs these days. And by that, I am not even talking about the absurd restric