I'd Like You To Meet A Few Great Authors

 Next week we have a Friday the 13th and if you're one of the few who has stuck with this blog for the past million years, you'll know that this is one of my favorite excuses to host a promotion. You'll also know that it's been quite a few years since I've done one of these, but seeing as I'm working my way back into the world of writing, it's time once again. For this promotion, I stuck with the theme of 13 (sort of) and asked twelve authors to join me, making a proper baker's dozen. Each will be offering at least one book, but some will be offering more, all priced at free or 99 cents.

In the past, I've opened submissions to anyone and I may do that with future promotions, but for this one, I purposefully asked authors I know and think the world of. Each of these authors was asked to participate based on two main criteria:

1. I have read and loved their work.
2. They're just really good people.

My original plan for this post was to introduce each author by telling you a little about them, but each entry was starting to sound exactly the same ("so and so is a wonderful person who I adore...") so let's simplify. Each one of these authors is someone I have regular and enjoyable interactions with on Twitter, whether they are posting something humorous, advocating for social issues, or just sharing their thoughts on someone else's work. And yes, I have read nearly, if not all, of the books being offered, so I can attest to the fact that you will find a treasure trove of entertainment here next week. 

So mark your calendars for the luckiest Friday the 13th of this year so far and click on the names below to learn a little more about these fantastic folks.

You should recognize these two as my co-authors on the Maxima City Talent series and yes, that series will be featured in this promo. I have said it a million times, these two are hilarious. Ben's humorous fantasy is a welcome break from reality and CB is the only person I have ever known to (purposefully) write humorous erotica. Each will have a couple of their own works featured in addition to those in our series.

Please note: from here on, the authors are listed in alphabetical order because I am the kind of person who will worry that if I place them randomly, the folks in last place will think I don't like them as much. Rest assured, I love all of these authors.
P. B. (or Pearl, or Bea) is as selfless as she is prolific and mashes the sci-fi and fantasy genres together in the most delightful of ways. You're in for a treat with her vast world building and delightful characters. 
Chess was one of the very first authors I met way back when I was just dipping my toes into social media and has been a huge inspiration in addition to being an incredibly nice person. Her young adult stories are among some of the best I've read and I can't wait for you check out the story she's giving away.
Jenna is another multi-talented author and mental health advocate. I am presently in the process of beta reading a work that I can't say anything about except that it's a very different genre from the one that will be offered here, and yet, it hits all the same notes, which I appreciate.
Jane is another genre-hopper and I'm glad for it. Another prolific author, she'll have several tales in varying genres and lengths for you to choose from.
Chris writes horror and dark fantasy, often with dark humor, often with unlikable characters that you somehow can't help but get invested in, even if you're pretty sure you're not supposed to. Don't worry, there are plenty you are supposed to like as well. 

J Daniel Layfield

Once again, we have a sci-fi and fantasy author who can't resist a little humor. Did I say a little? I meant a lot, but in a subtle, not distracting from the world building wow factor kind of way. 
Listen, all I'm going to say here, besides that this is one of the most delightful humans on Twitter, is that after reading her work, I now require all fantasy to prominently feature a dog as a supporting character. 
This is where the "sort of" in my author count comes about. Leo McBride is a journalist and author who mostly publishes through Inkling Press, which has generously put several titles in this promotion and there is a wide, speculative universe here that is sure to have something for everyone.  
Andrea's probably got one of the sunniest online personalities and when you're talking Twitter, you know what a rare gem this is. Her sci-fi and fantasy worlds are vast and manage to feel both familiar and fantastic at the same time.  

Vera West

Another genre hopper and delightful human. All I can really say is anyone who can get me to read both romance and poetry must be doing something right. Oh, and her sci-fi is also amazing. 

Don't forget to come back next week on Friday, May 13th for all of the free and discounted books!!!