Sweet Free Summertime Reads Is Today!

Sweet free summertime reads

 Today's the day! All of the books below are FREE today and many continue to be free all weekend*! As always, we here at Vampires & Robots Inc** have done our due diligence to ensure that we are being truthful, but as always, things happen. Be sure to check the price before clicking the buy button.  
Happy reading!

A small update and request:
One of the authors who was meant to participate in this promo, Aryl Shanti (writing under the name Lyra Shanti) was unable to participate due to his mother passing away this past weekend. In addition to the understandable grief, this has, as is all too often the case, added an economic hardship. As such, I am including here the title that was meant to be part of the promotion, and I am encouraging everyone who is able to please pick up a copy or gift one to a friend. If you wish to do more, I encourage you to browse Aryl's Amazon author page for his other titles in a wide variety of genres. 

Sediments, the selected poems of lyra shanti
Please click the image to purchase a copy of Sediments for just 99c.

Wibbly-wobby timey-wimey indy collab Chess Desalls, Les Lynam, Tim Hemlin
Click the image to get a bonus adventure through time

Heroes, villains, moral gray areas. This picture links to the Maxima City Talent series page on amazon
Click the image to go directly to the Amazon series page

Vera West: Drawing readers in and making them fall in love with a genre they wouldn't usually read
Click the image to visit Vera West's Linktree page

Dan Burley Adult oriented crime fiction with a family focused heart
Click the image to visit Dan Burley's Linktree page
Bully For You

Paula L Jones Louisiana-based author of quirky romcoms, YA novels, and parodies
Click the image to visit Paula L Jones' website

J Daniel Layfield: Sci-fi and fantasy served with a side of humor
Click the image to visit J Daniel Layfield's Amazon Author page

David M Kelly fast-paced sci-fi with engaging characters, cynical humor, and plausible science
Click the image to visit David M Kelly's website

Jane Jago: I write the stories that the wind tells
Click the image to visit Jane Jago's website

CB Archer: Hilariously sexy adventure awaits
Click the image to visit CB Archer's website

Ben Mariner: Science fiction and fantasy for the rest of us
Click the image to visit Ben Mariner's Amazon author page

E.P. Clark hopepunk-infused epic fantasy with strong female characters.
Click the image to visit EP Clark's website
Wolf Island

Will Hartzell-Baird Robots, ghosts, and other clearly hilarious things
Click the image to visit Will Hartzell-Baird's website

Inklings Press: a small press with big stories
Click the image to visit the Inklings Press website
Tales From the Universe  Tales of Wonder

Chris Jags: Fantasy and dark fantasy tales with an abundance of demons, faeries, and mythological creatures
Click the image to visit Chris Jags' Amazon author page

Matt Holland fantasy and horror from a wry left-wing perspective
Click the image to visit Matt Holland's website

K. A. Lentz: Fanciful, emotional, world building
Click the image to visit K. A. Lentz's website

PB Cannon: A teller of tales who enjoys concocting yarns of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and other stuff
Click the image to visit PB Cannon's website

Ashley Capes Poetry, prose, and fantastic adventure
Click the image to visit Ashley Capes' website
Small Town Lazarus  Never

Amanda Siegrist A happy ending is all I need
Click the image to visit Amanda Siegrist's website
Protecting You

Christina McMullen: fantastic stories in familiar settings
Click the image to visit Christina McMullen's Linktree page
 Kind of Like Life  Going Green Past Life Strife

*Promotion officially runs on Friday, 12 August 2022. Many authors have opted to leave their books free through Sunday, 14 August 2022. Further, some of the titles are permanently free, but you'll want to check the prices, specifically on Amazon.

**Not an actual corporation. Actually, the whole fake company is just the author and her imaginary robot mascot Vlad.