We're Doing It Again!

 Hello, guess what? 

I'm hosting another promo. 

That's great, but wait, there's more! 

This time, you see, ALL the books will be free!

With emphasis on shorts and poetry.

But fear not!

Novels won't be shut out.

We've got those too, some familiar, some new.

So join us this Friday, the 12th of August.

Please share, if you would, to give us a boost.

Blue banner with the words "Sweet Free Summertime Reads" in pink and blue over a background of an ereader, sunglasses, and a hat by a pool.

Okay, apologies for the abysmal attempt at poetry, but I think you got the point. This Friday, August 12th, right here on this blog, we'll have a whole bunch of free books from a variety of authors on a variety of platforms. And while you're at it, please do help us to spread the word. The whole reason I host these types of group promos is to give everyone an equal chance to get their books in front of eyes and I am VERY aware of my shortcomings as an influencer, so every bit of social media shares and word of mouth helps tremendously and I thank you for it. Truly. 

See you Friday!