Write On! Indie Author Spotlight Week: New Release: Dreamvision

Today we have a new release from SL Bynum, author of Grim Crush (you can see my review here). Her latest work, Dreamvision, is a slight departure from her previous work, but promises to be quite exciting. Read on for more information.


 Dreams do come true, but in Abigail’s case, she wishes that were anything BUT true. 

Eight years ago, when people still used landline phones and desktop computers, sixteen-year-old Abigail had everything a happy teenager could ask for—a loving family, two best friends, and a sexy prom date. But all of this blows apart when her dreams, which involve terrible accidents, start to actually occur in her hometown. Soon Abigail’s life consists of putting together vague clues from her dreams to save the lives of those she cares about, but she isn’t always successful. As she sinks into isolation, paranoia, and heartache, she resolves to stop the nightmares altogether, relying on someone who is not what they appear to be. 

DREAMVISION is filled with horror and suspense at every turn, and is told in the form of a blog from Abigail’s perspective during the year 2007.


Warm wind rushed past me as I ran to the end of our street and across another street. Trixie’s house was about a mile from mine. I was athletic, so the distance was barely a problem for me.
When I reached Trixie’s gray, one-story, ancient house, I rang the doorbell three times. Then I stood and waited, trying to catch my breath. My heart was hammering against my chest, as though it wanted to burst out of it. I had a bad feeling for some reason.
Trixie opened the door, to my great relief.
“Abby? What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I need…to tell you…something,” I panted.
“Did you run here?”
“Yes. Is…your mom home?” I didn’t want anyone around when I told Trixie what I learned. Trixie didn’t have any siblings, or a dad. Her dad had run off before she’d been born.
“Yeah,” Trixie answered. “What–?”
“Then can we go for a walk? I have something important to tell you. And I want you to listen.”
“You can come in. My mom’s just upstairs taking a bath so she can’t hear us–”
“She is?!?” I pushed past Trixie into the house.
“Hey–! Abby!” Trixie protested, but I didn’t pay attention to her. I ran down the hallway to the first bathroom, the one next to Trixie’s room. It was empty. I continued on to Mrs. Vander’s bedroom, and the bathroom door in there was closed. I heard music playing inside, and Mrs. Vander was singing along with it.
I lightly knocked on the door. I didn’t want to seem too urgent. But what excuse would I give her?
Trixie came into the room. “Abby, what the heck is going on? Why are you bothering my mom?”
From the bathroom, Mrs. Vander yelled, “Trixie, what do you want?”
“Get your mom to come out,” I told Trixie, pushing her up to the door. “Tell her anything!”
“Why–?” Trixie began.
“Just do it. She’s the one I dreamt about!” I had a terrible feeling in my gut.
“Mom!” Trixie yelled through the door. “I have something to show you! Come out please!”
I heard the splashing of water. After a few more seconds, the door flew open. Mrs. Vander stood before us wrapped in a pink towel, with her short brown hair dripping wet. The music I heard was blaring from a boombox, sitting on a shelf beside the tub of water. From it, a country singer was crooning, “It’s not ooooverrrrr…”
“What is it, Trixie?” Mrs. Vander asked irritably. Then she spotted me. “Oh, hello, Abigail.”
“Hi,” I said.
“I didn’t know you were here. Well, Trixie, what did you want?”
Trixie looked to me for help. “Umm…”
Before she could come up with an excuse, there was a tremendous crash behind Mrs. Vander. A gasp escaped from my throat, and Trixie let out a scream.
We all turned to look, just in time to see the boombox splash into the tub of water, sending a wave of it onto the floor. Sparks shot up into the air, and smoke furled up from the water. The boombox let out one last garbled cry of “…ooo…ve…errrrrr…” and died out.

About SL Bynum

S. L. Bynum fell in love with writing at the age of twelve, when she wrote a rendition of The Three Little Pigs for her little brother’s homework assignment. Her dream has been to be an author since she was sixteen, and she now has two books out, Grim Crush and Dreamvision. Besides books, she loves desserts, fashion, dancing (when she’s alone), warm weather, and playing video games. She lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her family.