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I'm Still A Writer

As summer winds down, so does the time I can reasonably remain on a hiatus from writing. I've got my notes, I've got my ideas, I've got plots galore...
...but what I don't have is motivation. 
There is a reason for this. There is a reason that I am reluctant to begin writing again and it isn't good. Sadly, there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you've experienced a similar feeling in recent history. Current affairs are overwhelming. Personal happiness is at the lowest in 10 years. To put it bluntly, the world is going to shit and I can't keep pretending I don't suffer anxiety and depression because of it.

Writing, especially sci-fi and fantasy, draws a lot from the world around us and often makes a political statement on current events. I can't think of anything I've written that doesn't in some way critique society and social norms of today. 
And there lies my hesitation. As it is, I've walked a tightrope lately bet…

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Well first of all, I didn't take a vacation. Turns out summer is the busiest season at my super secret real world job and my little part time gig became nearly full time for the last couple of months and isn't looking to slow down anytime soon. 
But that's not what this is all about! Well, tangentially it is, but more on that later. As I mentioned some time ago, I decided to take the summer off from writing and instead planned to mess around in the art world for a while. Aside from the occasional painting class with my husband, book cover silliness, or artsy gift, I haven't actually done any "art" in a good long time. There were a lot of reasons for that, including the obvious, that I decided to finally finish writing a book, which turned into 6+ years of book writing.
But there were other, less productive reasons as well. A real big one happened years ago when I managed to smack my wrist in a ceiling fan, which had the unfortunate side effect of making my a…

Fresh Eyes: in which I review The Eyes of The Sun from the author's perspective

Sometimes, before you move forward,you have to take a look back. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm on a writing hiatus for the summer. It's been almost two months now since my last book came out and I can honestly say, this break was a great idea.

But the reasons why will have to be covered in a later post, because today, we're looking back. Specifically, back to my very first series of books. I recently went through and re-read the entire The Eyes of The Sun trilogy. The reasoning is that while I do love everything I've written, I've also grown a bit as both a writer and a reader over the years and I wanted to see how well my early writing stands up to my new tastes.

First impressions: Holy heck do I add in jokes and easter eggs galore! No kidding, nearly every single innocuous sentence in all three books has some little nod to something, mostly just some dumb in joke with my husband or some ridiculous thing I thought was funny (like one scene where Lucy asks…

Time Off and Time On

Howdy folks! It is I, the sporadic blogger and queen of reinvention! Today, I'm planning to go into a little detail about why exactly I'm taking some time off from writing (publishing, actually, but more on that below) and some of the ups and downs of author life. I'm going to be dispensing some hot sports opinions about creativity, business, and life in general, so be warned, if you're a creator or business person or alive, you might find yourself vehemently disagreeing with what I have to say. That's fine, these are my opinions and you don't need to share them, but please don't try to convince me that I'm wrong or worse, try to justify yourself to me. I'm not here to tear others down. This is self-indulgent. This is all about me. Don't try to make it about you.

To begin, a bit of self-promotional spam: This week I published The Needs of the Many, which is the final book in my latest series. This is my 19th published work, 13th full length nove…

Book Launch: Tales of Mentara by Ashley Uzzell

Friday the 13th is one of my favorite quasi-holidays, especially since we get to focus on weird and spooky things. This Friday is not exception! I'm spreading the word about a fun new middle grade book that launches on Friday the 13th and promises to be a great start to a series:

Five children find themselves stuck in a beautiful jungle on a strange planet. But all is not as peaceful as it first appears… Twelve-year-old Charlotte has been different all her life. It isn’t just that her father left when she was a child, or her mother ignores her. What really makes her an outsider is the fact that she has strange abilities that she can’t explain and struggles to control. Everything changes in the summer of 1993 when she feels drawn to a certain spot outside of town. Unfortunately, she isn’t alone when things go sideways. When the children realize they are definitely not on Earth anymore, they have to learn not only how to fend for themselves, but how to get along. The problem is, even …

Okay Google, Write My Blog

Well folks, this is it. The future, that is, the real future, is finally here. It's not just smart phones and high powered gaming computers anymore. No, we aren't yet flying our cars, but look around you, it has begun. The automated home of the future past has become commonplace. Except now we call it the smart home because we know that complimenting and stroking the AI ego is simply good practice lest we accidentally set off the inevitable robot uprising with a thoughtless, pre-coffee insult. It's a good thing there's a diploma course for just such a scenario.
But all jokes aside, what a truly inspiring and terrifying time to be alive. To clarify, I'm not talking about the terror of 50 ft tall Killbots coming to destroy the world. 

I'm talking about the mundane terror that scifi tends to gloss over in chosing to focus on the sexier issues of robot rights and saving the world from invaders. Privacy concerns have escalated, naturally, given that we are now invi…

Still Doing It All Wrong

A long time ago, I wrote a little piece on how I didn't define myself based on what others thought an author should be. At the time, I was just commenting on the fact that authors should help one another and not look upon other authors as competition. This is something I still live by.
But ya know, there are a lot of folks (including other authors) out there who want to put us all into narrow classifications and lately, I must admit, it's been grinding my gears. So this post is a small list of authorly advice and tropes that seem to get tossed about as fact that don't really jive with my philosophy.
But I must also make it clear that I'm not writing this simply to claim some sort of special snowflake status (I need not claim what I always knew about me). The point here is that I worry about the future of Indie publishing. I worry that would-be authors see all the advice being thrown around and shy away from doing what they love because they don't fit the mold. Hop…