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They say do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life. In December of 2013, after 26 years of working for 'the man,' I quit my job and became a full time writer. I was finally going to do what I love. 

That proverb? Total BS. I've never worked harder than I have these last 4 years. And I've got a lot to show for it. I've accomplished everything I set out to do and more. And I'm looking forward to continuing to set the bar higher and higher just so that I can set new records for myself and succeed at accomplishing new goals. 
But I'm not going to be doing this full time anymore. This week, just a little over 4 years to the day since I left, I'm returning to the working world. To be honest, it's something I've been considering for a long time now. You see, even hermits like myself need social interaction every now and then. Also if I'm being honest, knowing that I'm being paid a set dollar amount for each of the hours I p…

Welcome to the Third Annual Feel Good Festival

If you've been following along with my sporadic ramblings, you may recall that in November or December, I make a post vowing to quit spamming the world with my promotions in an effort to promote positivity in a time when the majority of us are sinking into seasonal depression. This year, I want to promote a positive message of peace, but this year, I'm going to do things a little differently.
You see, today is my birthday...

I tend to make a very big deal out of not making a big deal out of my birthday. I generally run a book promo and make that the focus. Well, I do have a few free short stories today, and there is a massive worldwide promotion on the Eyes box set beginning on Friday. But beyond that, I don't have a huge party or any big traditions.

So this year, I'm combining the shamelessness of my birthday promotions with the promotion of happiness in the darkest times. Yes, that means I am doing the opposite of what I have done in the past. I am going to talk to …

Short Reads for Shorter Days

If you're anything like me, you may find that time is something you seem to have less and less of as each day passes. And if you're like me, you probably also start out every year with high hopes of accomplishing some pretty big things. Well, friends, I probably don't need to tell you that this doesn't always have a way of working out...
Me and some of my fantastic author friends are here to help you accomplish at least one goal for 2017! A lot of us started the year by participating in the annual Goodreads Reading Challenge. And a lot of us are now looking at the end of the year fast approaching and realizing there is not a lot of time to finish reading all of those books you swore you would. (Book a week? Who has time for that?)
Which is where we come in. The following 11 authors are also short story writers and guess what? Short stories count towards your reading challenge! Take a look at the various books being offered below, ranging from so short you can r…

Sequels are like any other film, they're either a benefit or a hazard...

If you've stuck with me since the early days, back when I still blogged fairly regularly about subjects other than my own writing and how scatterbrained I can be, you might remember my fondness for Blade Runner. As such, it would not be weird to assume I saw Blade Runner 2049 and you're likely wondering why I haven't given my review yet. Well, truth be told, I have not seen Blade Runner 2049.

There are a number of reasons why, but I need to make it clear right now that no, the sequel's existence will not "ruin my childhood." Yes, I might curmudgeonly state that the appearance of Harrison Ford as Deckard goes against what I myself firmly believe in regards to the original, but should a reasonable explanation be given, I'd be okay with this. Maybe. From what I've seen in the promotional short films (that I'll get to in a minute), I'm not sure I want to buy into what I think is the rationale. But nothing that comes after a thing I once like…

Cover Reveal! The Princess Rebellion is Now Available for Pre-order

I am pleased to announce that The Princess Rebellion, the second book in The Kyroibi Trilogy, has been published to Amazon and the Kindle Edition is now available for pre-order! Which of course, brings us to the cover! Once again, I was fortunate enough to have original art by Missy Sheldrake. This time around, Missy had three leading ladies to contend with and I think she did a great job of portraying them all. So without further ado, here is the Kindle Edition cover for The Princess Rebellion, along with the synopsis:

Although Ellie always wanted to save the world, she never wanted to rule it. But as the true master of the Kyroibi and heir to the Korghetian throne, she’s now expected to do both. Worse, she’s also expected to play nice with the other leaders of the Ghowrn Alliance, including the overbearing Prince Gevandar, who sees her as nothing more than a weapon to unleash upon the Huptsovian Empire.
When imperial ships are discovered lurking in Ghowrn space, war becomes inevitabl…

I've Been Doing This For How Long?

This November marks the fifth anniversary of the publishing of The Eyes of The Sun.

To say that this is a pretty big deal for me would be an understatement. On the contrary, I'm blown away by a good number of things this represents. Not the least of which would be the overwhelmingly positive response I've received for my crazy ramblings. This isn't false modesty. I'm rather proud of all my creations and personally, I think they're rather good. But for other people to also share in the enjoyment of that which my brain has decided to let loose gives me indescribable happiness.
And if I can continue being immodest for a moment, I have to say, five years ago, as I was preparing to publish what would be my first indie ebook ever, I had no idea I'd have the ability to do it again. And yet here we are, five years later, and I've got two completed series and another half done, three standalone novels, three short stories, and more ideas in my head than I can possib…

Vampires, Robots, and now Worms

As I've been spending the bulk majority of Summer Brain 2017 ™ lamenting my inability to keep track of all things bloggish, it seems counterproductive that I'd not only decide to finally brand this site with its own dedicated domain, but also start a whole new website. Laughable right? Even more absurd would be if for some reason I decided to make a site that required committing to a schedule and making sure I had a sizeable readership who would be interested in what I'm promising.
By now you've been reading my grumblings long enough to know where this is heading. 
Introducing Bookworms Discover, a website dedicated to bringing highly underrated books into the spotlight with once a month free book promotions. 
This site will be something of a hybrid that falls between the daily promotional newsletter sites and large but infrequent events. The biggest difference however, will be that my focus won't be on the big names, bestsellers, or highest rated books. Instead, …

New Signed Paperbacks Available

Hi folk! Notice anything? Like the new layout and the brand new dedicated domain name? Vlad and I decided it was time for a makeover. Well, I said a revamp, but I was reminded that I used that joke back when I introduced him as my mascot. 
It's not 100% perfect yet. I've got a lot of tweaking to make things look a little sharper, a little sleeker, a little more like the mashing up of a whimsical author and her fifty foot tall vampiric killbot.
Which brings me to the point of the post. Vlad's been keeping watch over the stock and he's reminded me that I haven't done any updates to let people know I've got new books available. Lots of books. 
So I have done just that. I have updated the bookseller's page on this site. If you're interested in helping me make room in my office for other things, or you would actually like to own a signed copy of one of my books, click here to learn more.
Thanks for reading and look for another update soon-ish.

Confessions of a Failed Blogger

Way back at the beginning of May, I made a post with a short survey asking folks what they would want to see on this blog. The idea was to get ideas for content and have a feature at least once a week. Well, it is now the middle of July and as you can see, I've done nothing.

I'm simply not a blogger.

I tried. I had ideas. I had themes. I even had some posts that would give you an extra little bit of insight into how my brain works. But what I don't seem to have is time.

Now, this is not the end. I'm keeping the blog. For now, at least, while I try to decide if it would be better to have a website (because, you know, those aren't work or anything). I'll continue to host indie book launches, interviews, and promos just as I have in the past. But you probably won't see too many hot sports opinions from yours truly.

Except this one: it is said that an author "needs" a web presence, either in the form of a regularly maintained blog or a flashy website.…

What Am I Even Doing?

Every so often, I toy with the idea of setting up a proper website. There's a lot I'd like to do and this blog has a couple of limitations. Not to mention the fact that I am a sporadic blogger at best. But a website is an expense and I'm not in a position to be adding extra expense to my life, so instead I'm​ considering a few regular features that will keep things fresh and keep me in something of a regular blogging schedule.

Which is why I would like to ask for your input. Below is an outline of some weekly features I'm thinking about adding, followed by a quick survey to gauge interest. I would appreciate any input you are willing to give.

Once a week blog features:

Crap about Christina
Okay, I probably won't call it that, but basically a once a week update on what I'm working on, any big news I might have, or what I ate for breakfast. Basically a semi-narcissistic post that on most weeks will likely be two sentences about how my brain isn't cooperati…

A Space Girl from Earth: Cover Reveal and Special Announcement

Hi Everyone! Today I'm excited to finally, after years and years of talking about it, introduce you to Princess Robot Commander! That is, I'd like to introduce you to Ellie Whitmore, a young woman who is more of a curiosity than she'd ever thought, which is saying something! 
For this series, I've commissioned artwork from Missy Sheldrake for the covers. I wanted something that captured the retro feel of the paperbacks I used to devour in my youth, and I think she captured the spirit of those covers better than I could have ever imagined. Now, because of the detailed artwork Missy made, I decided we needed to do two separate covers. One for the paperback, and one for the Kindle edition. First, here's the paperback cover:

As you can see, there is a LOT of detail here. From the blue-painted tips of Ellie's fingernails right down to the Easter Egg laden doodles on her Chucks (including a robot who might be just a tad familiar to readers of this blog), the image e…