Welcome to the Third Annual Feel Good Festival

If you've been following along with my sporadic ramblings, you may recall that in November or December, I make a post vowing to quit spamming the world with my promotions in an effort to promote positivity in a time when the majority of us are sinking into seasonal depression. This year, I want to promote a positive message of peace, but this year, I'm going to do things a little differently.

You see, today is my birthday...

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I tend to make a very big deal out of not making a big deal out of my birthday. I generally run a book promo and make that the focus. Well, I do have a few free short stories today, and there is a massive worldwide promotion on the Eyes box set beginning on Friday. But beyond that, I don't have a huge party or any big traditions.

I mean, besides the ritualistic sacrifice of my arteries.
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So this year, I'm combining the shamelessness of my birthday promotions with the promotion of happiness in the darkest times. Yes, that means I am doing the opposite of what I have done in the past. I am going to talk to you today about my books! But I'm still keeping the theme!

Below is a list of my published works ranked in order from least to most feel good. You see, I'm a big fan of making sure my writing doesn't leave folks with a feeling of crushing existential dispair, but not everything I've done is created equally. Also, if anything catches your eye, don't forget that books make great gifts. Signed books are available in time for the holidays! 

Here we go!

If you're looking for an uplifting story about the persistence of the human spirit, this is NOT the book for you! Of everything I've published, SELIA's Promise is the shortest, but also the gloomiest little bit of dark comedy I've ever put out. Not surprising, as it's based on a dream I had not long after losing a beloved pup. Though this one is free today, you might hold off on reading until the days are a bit longer and you can justify cheering yourself up with some ice cream.

While not quite as bleak as SELIA's Promise, Going Green paints an unfortunately realistic look at the near future destruction of mankind. While there are some good points and I freely admit there is a takeaway message that we need to treat the Earth better, this is no Lorax. 

The Eyes of The Sun (three book series)
We're beginning to drift into blue sky territory now, which is good, since we're only on the third book... Well, set of books (I'm treating my series as single items for the sake of brevity). Lucy's story is action packed, but there's also a lot of exploration of what humanity means. While there are still some bleak moments, this series still has a message of unity and the hope the one day, we will as a whole be a better, more inclusive society. The Kindle box set goes on sale Friday, December 1st.

Taking place 20 years before the events in The Eyes of The Sun, Dissonant is a lighthearted romantic tale of love, with a whole lot of help from science, conquering all that stands in its way.

As there are only two books in this series available (the third and final book is slated to release in May), this one slides back a little in the list, but much like The Eyes of The Sun, this a story of how diversity and inclusion can make the world (or galaxy) a better place. 

My first attempt at young adult remains the favorite of my books for reasons that I can't quite put into words. Renee and Blake are not perfect, nor have they had very good lives (for incredibly different reasons), and they are put through one hell of a mind-bending adventure that no child should ever have to experience. In fact, the whole point is that there is no getting out of what they've gone through happy and whole. But there is hope. 

Rise of the Discordant (five book series)
If you need a laugh, this is the series for you. While the story revolves around a small, downtrodden, and altogether depressing little town set ambiguously in the Midwest, there is a lot of humor holding this series together. Yes, if you dig deep enough, you'll find a lot of philosophical questions and even a bit of existential dispair, but it's all framed in a positive and upbeat way. Even better, the Kindle box set is reduced to less than $5 worldwide through the end of the year. 

On the surface, this is an extremely sarcastic parody of the superhero genre that will hopefully tickle the funny bones of anyone who has ever found frustration with the muscle-bound superhumans of old. But beyond the snarky commentary is a different message, one that should resonate with anyone frustrated by the status quo.

You wouldn't think that the story of a woman getting hit by a bus and having to talk her way out of being sent to Hell is positive, but here we are at the end of my list. Weighing in at a measly 7000 words, All the Nothing We've Done is my second shortest work, but it is the most upbeat, uplifting, and feel good of everything I've written. I would bet that no matter how different you think you are from the main character of Chevelle, you will see a little of yourself in her. This one is also free today.

So there you have it, the definitive ranking of my books from bleakest to most feel good. 

But as you know, I'm not going to end this, the most selfish of all my posts, without redeeming myself somewhat. You should know me better than that. And you should know that I've gone ahead and started my own once a month free book promotion website to bring into the spotlight other fantastic indie books that you may not have heard of. So I will use this space to encourage everyone to sign up to receive notifications because the first promotion launches on January 4th, which is just over a month away. 

And then, with the money you'll save, you can donate to your favorite charity. Once again this year, I'll be sharing various charitable organizations, so if you have a favorite,post them in the comments.

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Thanks and best wishes for you all this holiday season. 


  1. I love the complete listing of your work and the description of all the books that you have done. I hope I am able to share the list with my friends on Facebook. You never cease to amaze us and we do wonder how we got you. Happy birthday forever and always.

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm glad this list might be useful! :-)

  2. Happy birthday, Christina! I'm so glad that you were born because without you the world would be missing a wonderful writer and a great human being. Here's wishing you all the time to do every thing you've ever wanted to do - and good luck with your book promotions. :-)


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