Playing Catch-up, Major Announcements, and Making No Promises

 Oh hey! Look! It's 2023!

Oh yeah, it's been 2023 for a whole month now. My last post was in early November. Shocking, I know. But by now we're all used to my inconsistencies, so I am neither going to dwell, nor am I going to apologize. Let us instead, get on with the good stuff, beginning with...

A Space Girl From Earth is now an audiobook!

The audio cover for A Space Girl from Earth written by Christina McMullen and narrated by Tyanni Mah. A young black woman with white glowing dots on her temples and a high ponytail wears a pink hoodie and looks in awe to the left. Her hand is up as if to reach out and touch something. On her hands are more glowing dots.
Cue the angelic choral arrangement

To date, this is my second audiobook. I'd love to continue this series and do a few more, but it might be a while because I'm not going to pretend audiobooks aren't expensive to produce. But this one was well worth it as the narrator did a fantastic job of bringing Ellie's story to life. You can get it on Amazon, Audible, and Itunes. And, if you're not already an Audible subscriber and you're looking to sign up, you can help me get on my way to bringing out more audiobooks by using this link and buying A Space Girl From Earth as your first audiobook.  Seriously. I make maybe a couple of bucks per book sold, but if I recruit you into the cult of Audible, I can make several tens of bucks, which is rather nice. (Or if Kind of Like Life is more your thing, use this link and buy it first.)

Speaking of A Space Girl From Earth, as I write this, I am anxiously awaiting news from the 2022 Self Published Science Fiction Competition(or SPSFC2 for short) whether or not this book is cut from the competition of if it advances into the semi-finals. 


I made it!!! A Space Girl From Earth is now an SPSFC2 semifinalist! That means out of 280 books, mine is one of 30 that made it so far! I might be freaking out a little.

What this means is that instead of actually writing anything, I'm constantly refreshing Twitter, which brings us to the next bit of news...

I'm not really on Twitter anymore

This should need no explanation, but for those who don't know, the entity which purchased and subsequently crashed and burned Twitter, has made a number of poor and outright dangerous decisions, some of which have led to actual violence and harm against others. As such, I will not give that platform any of my time or money. I've made my account private, stopped posting, and if I do have to look (like now), I block every ad I see. 

A lot of folks bafflingly turned to Facebook or Instagram, but given that this company was the absolute forerunner of misinformation and rampant hate speech, culminating into interference in the 2016 election, I'm not doing that. I've instead carved out a small space in the fediverse. You can find me under Vampires and Robots on Mastodon. Unfortunately, without established social media, it's harder to run promos, but you know me, which means you know...

I'm running a bunch of promos in early February

Of course I am. I discovered that nearly all of my books hadn't had a proper promotion in a while, so between now and the 18th of February, there will be at least one free book, if not several, and all of my series books will go on sale too. To find out what books will be on sale or free what day, visit my Amazon Author Page or follow me on the aforementioned decentralized social media site. 

And finally...

I have no idea when my next post will be

Worse, I have no idea what my next post will be about, but likely, it will be a while.