Since the Commercials Won't Stop...

Hi folks. You may recall that last year in December, I stopped advertising my books and instead used my social media accounts to promote charitable organizations and positivity. Well, in the wake of recent events and because I'm already being bombarded by tasteless holiday car ads, I've decided to once again do the same and I've decided to start today. I am taking down my pinned tweet for my book and putting up a message of peace. I will do the same for Vlad. Facebook currently has a black box as both my profile picture and header. I do not need to explain why, but once I decide to change it, I will upload something pleasant and not anything business related.

To those who think this is actually a stunt to get you to feel bad and buy my books, I assure you, life doesn't work like that. Last December was my lowest royalty month since 2013 when I didn't have a single completed series. I will continue to post freebie books periodically, but I'll not be doing any advertising until 2017.

Also, I am not asking anyone to join me and I am not looking down my nose at anyone who continues to shout about their own work. You do not have to justify yourself to me. But understand that no advertising means no advertising and this extends to sharing the ads of others on social media. I may retweet a freebie, but I'm not going to share ads from other authors until the holidays have passed.

What I am going to share, is charitable and outreach programs. And for that, I would like your help. I am looking for organizations to showcase that help in the following areas:

LGBTQ+ Rights
Refugee Assistance
Women's Reproductive Rights
Women's Rights in General
Minority Rights
Victims of Hate Crimes
Domestic Violence Outreach
Suicide Prevention
Victims of Sex Trade and Human Trafficking
Victims of Sexual Assault
Organizations that offer counselling and recovery services for trauma survivors.

Feel free to leave your picks in the comments, or on social media. Over the next two months I'll post links as well as messages of positivity that I find as I go along.

I won't, however, start posting any snowmen, jingle bells, Santas, or otherwise festive business until after both Thanksgiving and my birthday. Just because the dollar store thinks carols are appropriate while the Texas temperatures are in the eighties, doesn't mean I do. Pumpkin pie deserves its day in the sun, dammit!


  1. I support you in all of your causes. But especially this.just let me know how I can help.


    Your hubby

  2. You are what everyone should be doing. I choose refugee assistance and suicide prevention and fair access to pain relief....marijuana and others

  3. You are what everyone should be doing. I choose refugee assistance and suicide prevention and fair access to pain relief....marijuana and others

  4. For LGBTQ: The "It gets better" project is always a good one. UNICEF is supported by Lucy Liu and she has some cool art projects and book projects. Check out her personal website for info. I would say to support national literacy since we are authors. Just seems to fit. I don't know many organizations on the rest really. Oh, for autism would be good. Easter Seals or the Autism society are both decent.


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