Unconventional Wisdom

Continuing with the theme I began in my last post, and in response to the need for yet more positivity in the world, I'm going to break from my whimsical musings of robotic shenanigans. You see, it's December, which means that you can't watch TV,browse the internet, or even leave your house without being bombarded by advertisements for the latest and greatest consumables. Ads are everywhere. It's a fact of life. People have things to sell and December might as well change its name to Consumber.

Which is why I'm going to stop all advertising of my products for the month.

Well, full disclosure: I am going to stop advertising for products that people will need to *pay* for. Very soon we will be having yet another Book Blast and yes, I will promote the heck out of those free books.

But I am not going to ask anyone to spend money. I've replaced the pinned tweets on both of my Twitter accounts with messages of joy for the season . This is not a marketing stunt and I fully expect to suffer an economic loss, but that is okay.

I'm not asking others to join me and I know damned well that no major retailer is going to follow suit, but wouldn't that be amazing if they did? If we woke up one day and all of the sidebar, header, and footer ads were gone? If we turned on the TV and all of the commercials were for free puppy snuggles?

Perhaps one day, after the robots have knocked out our communications network, we might finally have a break from our commercial breaks, but what would it matter at that point? So instead of waiting for the robots to destroy everything that makes me happy, I'm just going to spread the word of joy, happiness, and peace, and leave the solicitation of profit for another day.


  1. That's really cool Christina! I think I shall follow suit to make the world a slightly less annoying place. Though I still have my Wattpad stuff that I like to promote. Luckily that is very FREE!!!

  2. You are special....but we already knew that.

  3. Sorry, but this is the one time of year when I can actually sell original art! And I get to pretend it's totally normal and I make a real living or something... but people won't buy it if they don't know about it. :( I admire your ideas, though.


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