Hold My Beer and Read This

July 4th marks the 2015th birthday of the great nation we call 'Murica. Every year, Baldy the Eagle flies from house to house, delivering beer and fireworks to all good little patriots. We will dress in our finest red white and blue discount t-shirts, sing patriotic songs about putting boots up one's posterior region, and burn the hell out the flesh of domestic livestock in the name of freedom. Local legend says that the first person to go to the ER with a burn or missing appendage will have good luck for the whole next year. 
Now, dubious history aside, something equally as majestic is happening this July fourth. Several authors from the Support Indie Authors Goodreads group have banded together to offer up an American-sized XXL cornucopia of free books! This is a one day event spanning several genres and although we have chosen to share the day with the purple mountain's majesty and amber waves of grain, these books are available and will be free of charge worldwide!

Below is the complete list of books offered and links to the sales pages. All books are available through Amazon with one exception, which is noted. In addition to the books, I've linked each name to the author's Goodreads profile page, so you have a chance to get to know us all personally and find out a little more about our writing.

Dwayne Fry:
The Asphalt Carpet - http://goo.gl/QJWC9E 
Cliche - http://goo.gl/2glfgD 
Dr. Frenzzee's Wondrous Contraption - http://goo.gl/BVQxVG 
A Ghost On The Lawn - http://goo.gl/5KjxEC 
Mr. Meeker - http://goo.gl/QjAisw 
Old Pops' Last Beer - http://goo.gl/gIA9lZ 
Very White Jesus - Update! Get VWJ here!!!
Charles Hash:
Nascent Decay - http://goo.gl/8EQwgb 
The Nightmare Virus: Desperation - http://goo.gl/qcmN9U 
The Nightmare Virus: Slow Burn - http://goo.gl/ugB2Eh 
Promises of Eden - http://goo.gl/ackpkb 
Transcendence - http://goo.gl/3dG8hF 
Blood in the Water - http://goo.gl/jrdCMj 

Ann Livi Andrews:
The Two Lands: Return - http://goo.gl/Csj0ge 
Crimson Mistress - http://goo.gl/MbNS3C 
Jack - http://goo.gl/xvN7OJ 
Em - http://goo.gl/Nz8KLm 
Dakota - http://goo.gl/lCH6Di

Christina McMullen
Past Life Strife - http://goo.gl/wTa28P 
Kind of Like Life - http://goo.gl/PFrSTa 

E.J. Fisch:
Dakiti (Ziva Payvan #1) - http://goo.gl/ozlRlt
Nexus (Ziva Payvan #2) - http://goo.gl/Iz8x9H

Riley Westbrook
Breath of Titans Trilogy, (***Please note: This title is available on Smashwords and requires the coupon code TX65T to redeem***) - https://goo.gl/APkfdt 
Breath of the Titans: The False Titanbringer - Little Black Stormcloud http://goo.gl/QcGDeL 

Owen R. O'Neill
The Alecto Initiative - http://goo.gl/OfJes0

Jordan Leah Hunter:
The Erl King's Children - http://goo.gl/pdCYnu

V.M. Sawh
Hontas – http://goo.gl/pqVDE5 

Kellie McAllen:
Soulmates - http://goo.gl/cFctjU

Susan Stafford
Trouble in the keys - http://goo.gl/3CYQAQ

Anthony J. Deeney
Robots Like Blue - http://goo.gl/rwsTl2

So don't forget to mark your calendars, bookmark this page, and celebrate 'MURICA and FREEDOM with FREE BOOKS!

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