Princess Robot Commander and the Case of the Literary Identity Crisis

   When it comes to ideas for stories, most authors aren't hurting. In fact, I'd wager most authors have more ideas than time. I know I do. At the moment, I'm working through a series that will have seven books in total. Sure, that is a daunting number, but I'm planning on splitting up the series and starting on something different after I have the first three or four written. Right now, my problem is that 'something different.'

   You see, I began writing a book last summer that managed to become a trilogy. I put it aside because I had planned that if I was ready to dive into a series, it would be this one, Rise of the Discordant, because I've been throwing this idea around since the days of dial up and my Brother Super PowerNote. The book and eventual trilogy that I put aside was to be called Princess Robot Commander.

   Well... That might have changed again. The story, a very light SciFi, clean romance with a moral message, will definitely be written. This story is going to appeal to those who enjoyed The Eyes of The Sun and maybe Kind of Like Life. I hesitate to use the words New Adult, but that is the basic idea minus the obligatory NA sex scenes. I don't do sex scenes. But that is a different topic for another day. This book is many things, however, what it is not is going to be called Princess Robot Commander.

   You see, I had another flash of brilliance and decided that a name like Princess Robot Commander deserves more than that. Princess Robot Commander deserves book titles that begin with her name and end with a concept, joined together by the all important 'and the' of pulp classics. She also deserves proper golden age covers. These stories will be just like the classic space explorer tales with a neo-feminist twist. Think Flash Gordon meets Tank Girl. In fact, if this turns into something I can work with an artist on, it may even become a graphic novel or comic series. Who knows? The possibilities are nearly endless!

   So when will Princess Robot Commander see the light of day? Who knows. I honestly have too many ideas at the moment. I am happy with how the current series is shaping up, but I'm also kind of excited about the prospect of getting back into some girly writing with the now unnamed trilogy. That is to say nothing about a short story anthology I have in the works or a second stand alone young adult SciFi that will compliment Kind of Like Life.
   But it will happen. This is the beauty of being an indie author. No one can tell me what I can't write. I am limited only by my own ideas. Unfortunately, this also means that unless I ignore these ideas, retirement is a long way off.