Giving It My 10%

Actually, my 9.3%

   Out of the 365 days that make up a year, this is my 34th blog post. I assumed that once I became a full time author, I would have more time to devote to blogging. Eh, that whole time management thing still eludes me. While I never planned to be a daily blogger, I was hoping for weekly at least. So this time around, no more promises. You'll get what I give and you'll like it! Or not, really, no pressure, it's all up to you.

   It is not that I didn't have content. On the contrary, there are tons of things that I really wanted to discuss that are still sitting on my idea board. But this was also the year that I pumped out an alarming four books (that's a pittance for some authors, but massive for me) and finally took the time to learn some of the social media I have been lamenting my ineptitude of here. These are not excuses, just explanations. So below is a list of topics that I may or may not get to by year's end. If I don't make it by December 31, they will carry over into 2015.
   Some of these are important enough that I will make sure I take the time to address. Others, not so much. But I am going to give you all a chance to weigh in. What would you like to hear my thoughts on? What do you find interesting? If the topics below don't interest you, please feel free to suggest something else. I'm not going to make any guarantee that I will have insights on every topic, but I will make an effort if I get some interesting suggestions.

The list:

Another installment of Social(ly Awkward) Media

More Write On! Indie book reviews

My inability to 'unplug' and why this does not make me a tech-obsessed jerk

The state of human/civil rights today and the responsibilities writers of science fiction and fantasy have in this ongoing battle

A year end roundup of new technology that pushed us closer to the idealized future of fiction past

My goals as a writer for the coming year

The bonus material that coincides with the print edition of Going Green (to be fair, I've neglected this primarily because interest in this has been beyond low. If you were one of the handful of folks who bought the book, rest assured, this is coming)

The return of The Feels, posts featuring the sensitive and emotional side of science fiction and fantasy media.

   Wow, that's a huge list. So what would you like to see first?


  1. Hmm. These are all good. I guess I'd like to see more Social(ly) Awkward Media, Write On!, year end new tech roundup, and your goals but whatever you feel the need to post is fine. It all ends up being pretty informative and entertaining.


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