How a Blog Becomes a Book... Er... Two Books!

   I mean, there's the usual way for a blog to become a book: Write a wildly popular and entertaining blog, get a book deal. Sure, it's lucrative, but a bit boring, don't you think? Usually this is just content from said blog in book format. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the Oatmeal or Hyperbole and a Half for getting ALL THE MONEYS. I'm just saying this isn't how I roll. My blog actually inspired me to write fiction.
   No, my blog to book experience has been an interesting adventure. As you may be aware, I just published a satirical zombie apocalypse novella called Going Green. You might also remember that back in October, I published a couple of zombie stories right here on this blog as part of a writing exercise. Yes, that exercise spun off and became 85 pages of zombie silliness and I can't say that I'm unhappy with the results.
   But now, it's happened again and this time, the path from blog to book has been an even odder one. Wait, even odder? Did I really just unintentionally pun? I did. But anyway, getting back to the point...
   It all started when I made this post about how I didn't want to become robot food. The last line inspired me to change my job title on Facebook from author to Princess Robot Commander. My cousin and part time spiritual guide, Jacqui, commented that Princess Robot Commander sounded like a great name for a children's book. Indeed,it does, but alas, I am not a children's book writer. If I wrote a book for children, it would end badly. Not parents standing in my front lawn with pitchforks bad, but definitely kids looking at their parents in disgust for buying such a horrible book bad.
   Funny thing is, I was standing in the shower* one day and I had a brilliant idea for a new YA SciFi novel about a girl who commands a robot army. From there it spiraled and next thing I knew, I had a five page synopsis for a book titled Princess Robot Commander. As of today, the first chapter has been written. I can't help but wonder if this was truly a serendipitous happening or if the robots have a plan for me. As long as it isn't The Plan, I'm cool with it.

*This is why girls take so long in the shower. We are watering our brains and having brilliant ideas. Shampoo is like brain fertilizer.