Dear Hollywood

I'm just going to throw this out there: you are getting stale. Enough with the remakes, reboots, thirty year too late sequels, and drunk bro movies. You have had one original idea this year and it was a corporate sponsored movie about toys.
It seems that other than films adapted from bestselling books, nothing is new these days. I have stats to back this up.

Let's talk about those book adaptions, shall we? Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games, these made you quite a bit of money, didn't they? But people still had complaints.

They left out that scene!

That was totally different in the book!

Who thought SHE was a good idea to play THAT role?

This is ALL WRONG!

You know what? There's a lot of really good books out there waiting to be turned into films. I'm not talking about the bestsellers. Milking an already established fanbase out of money that they're just going to regret spending is totally not cool. I'm talking about books by people like me, the independent authors. Adapting our books into blockbusters is a win-win situation.

Here's why:

We work cheaper. Cheaper, not cheap. Just because we don't have a screenwriter's guild membership doesn't mean we don't need to eat. But we're happy with taking a fraction of what it costs to negotiate a deal with an established franchise. Sure, that fraction may be 7/8ths, but when you're already spending millions, that's still a savings of millions.

We have established fan bases, but they're small. Our loyal fans will drag friends to see the movie. Fun fact: more people are willing to see a movie without knowing anything about it than are willing to read a book. But if their friend says, 'Oh, I read that book. It's good!' they are even more willing to watch it.

Smaller fanbase equals less criticism of things you will inevitably get wrong, leave out, or miscast. No one is going to complain when you cast a blonde actress to play a brunette lead, or when you cut the exposition down to a thirty second montage if they haven't read the book. For proof, look at the top science fiction movie of all time: Blade Runner. It barely has anything in common with its source material, but other than me and the other die hard sci-fi fans, who actually knew that?

Most of us publish exclusively for the electronic book market. This means no additional negotiations with restrictive publishing houses when it's time to broker a deal for a movie tie-in paperback. Hell, we'll just be happy to see our work on the shelves of major stores that won't look twice at us today.

Having said this, I would like to direct your attention to the MY BOOKS tab at the top if this page. See that? You are looking at a completed sci-fi fantasy series. This has the potential to be not one, but three films in a majorly profitable genre that is super hot right now. Who am I kidding, three books means four or five movies to you guys (please don't do that).

You'll also find my contact information under my profile. You know what to do.


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