Oh No, She's Back

My apologies for the long absence from updating. I just did something that I don't do very often. I went on vacation.
Last Saturday, my husband and I boarded a Virgin America flight to San Francisco. What happened next was pure magic. Not once did I worry about work, the books, or anything else that would in any way be stressful. And it was amazing. We ate like we weren't worried about calories and in fact, we weren't! Considering that I brought my trusty Fitbit with me, I was able to keep track of the many miles of steep hills we walked for the sheer joy of it. In one day, we managed to hit 15 miles, rendering the banana and Nutella crêpes that we had for breakfast null and void.
I promise, I'm not just writing this to gloat about my vacation. No, I'm posting this to tell you that taking vacation is great and you really should take one too. A real vacation that is, where regardless of where you go or what you do, you enjoy it. Don't think about work, don't telecommute into the office from the beach, don't worry about the state of your inbox. Just be. Trust me, it adds years to your life.
But now that I'm back, it's go time! Time to get seriously wrapped up in writing the end of the series, time to set up new promotions for the existing books (cough free book this weekend cough), and time to get serious about the next book on my list, which I'll be talking about soon enough. And of course, more content here about whatever strikes my fancy.