The Computer In My Pocket

My husband caught me writing my last blog post and was completely baffled by the fact that I was typing it up on my phone. I was baffled by his baffledness seeing as part of the reason I fell out of habit with my last blog was the absence of a good blogging app. Now that Google put out an official Blogger app I've become unstoppable.
See, don't tell my husband, but I'm kind of in love with my phone. I have to laugh when people are baffled (I'm going to use this word until it has no meaning!) by the fact that I don't own or watch television. I actually think they imagine me sitting on my sofa, staring at the empty space on the wall where the tv would be, lamenting my boring existence. Well the joke's on them because I don't even have wall space for a tv, let alone a sofa the dogs haven't claimed as their own! Ha!
The truth is, I've got every time wasting form of entertainment I'll ever need in the palm of my hand. Games? Check. Books? By the hundreds. Websites? Too many to count, which is why I limit myself to one or two to obsessively read daily. Videos of adorable frolicking animals? If I must. Music? Eh, not as much as most people, but I do have the capacity to carry an impressive number of albums wherever I go. And of course, all of that social media I complained about a while back.
But when I'm not wasting my time, my phone has become a highly efficient tool of productivity. It's amazing to me, really. I'm somewhat convinced that this phone is the only reason I was able to complete my last book as quickly as I did. I have a full office suite with which I was able to make edits on my chapters while eating lunch at work, or waiting in the doctor's office, or really anywhere that wasn't in front of my computer at home. I have a user-friendly note keeping system with a sleek interface that has alleviated the need to peel sticky notes out of the bottom of my purse. And I don't even have to type any of this out. All I have to do is speak my thoughts into the phone and it types them for me.
Okay, actually, I don't do the voice to text thing because I'm too self-conscious to talk to myself in public. But I totally could so... um, so there!
 Who would have thought, just ten years ago, that this was possible? Okay, besides those of us who carried PDAs. Yeah, I'm going to be that smug person who totally predicted the smart phone. But hey, even I, in my infinite wisdom*, could not have predicted the enormity and scope of what my phone is capable of today.
I know, it's majestic
And before you ask, yes, of course I have an Android. Do you honestly think someone with the word ROBOTS in the name of her blog is going to carry around some silly thing named after a fruit? P'shaw!
*some restrictions apply. Infinite wisdom may not be infinite nor wise. May contain nuts**
**Totally contains nuts