Christina Who?


Christina McMullen is an average-selling, participation award-winning author who has yet to train her face to learn the difference between a disarming smile and standoffish smirk.

Thought I was joking, did you?

She has mastered the unique talent of remaining utterly pretentious while simultaneously being a self-deprecating goofball. Christina resides in a perpetual state of aggressive overconfidence in hopes of hiding her crippling self-doubt, and also in Texas.

And she is now going to stop talking about herself in the third person.

Hello there internet neighbor! My name, in case you missed it above, is Christina McMullen and I write books. Science fiction and fantasy books mostly, but a good deal are also humorous, some have a bit of romance, and some others are a little hard to fence in with labels. I started my indie author journey back in 2012 with the publishing of my first full length novel, The Eyes of The Sun, a sci-fi thriller take on vampire romance (see what I mean about genres?).

Back then, I'd already proven myself as a failed blogger once, but everyone kept telling me how incredibly important it was to blog, so I started this one. Well, here we are in 2017 and what started out as an ambitious project in getting to know me and why I'm totally willing to sell humanity out to our robot overlords if they let me keep my WiFi has turned into a place of tumbleweeds and dust bunnies. 

So I've decided to take things in a slightly different direction. Today, I finally purchased the Vampires and Robots domain. Instead of a blog, this is going to be something of an author website-blog hybrid. Updates will be posted when I've got something of interest to say, but there will also be easy access to static pages where you can find my books, bonus stories and material, artwork by some great artists, social media, and reader resources.  

Thanks for visiting!

This picture of Penny (2001-2015) was part of my original welcome page. Somehow, I can't bring myself to remove it.