Warning, cringy, angsty, underdeveloped plotlines that were scrapped for a reason ahead.

Oscar was initially supposed to be the head of The Eyes of The Sun and he was supposed to have had Lucy captured and later brought to his home in the country after a jealous underling tries to kill her. Oscar falls in love with Lucy and thinking Andre dead, she soon has reciprocal feelings. In this draft, Lucy is not aware of her blood's potency (which is actually not as deadly as what I ended up going with). While their relationship develops, Oscar tells Lucy the truth of their history and how to destroy them. He was supposed to have been the one who turned on The Eyes and created the power structure that ran Paris (the role later given to Lalaurie), but that he has regrets. Yet he knows he is too far gone for redemption, so instead, he enters into a physical relationship with Lucy knowing he will die. When this happens, Lucy loses it, thinking both Andre and Oscar are dead thanks to her and contemplates her own death as a means to stop from hurting anyone else, but Oscar has set up a tracker that turns on at the moment t if his death, allowing Evan to find her. That Andre lives is not revealed until book two.

Yes. I am VERY glad I scrapped this!