Reader & Author Resources

Hi Everyone! Since we're all readers here, and some of you are authors, I've decided to dedicate a page on my blog to some of the great promotion sites I've used.

For readers, these are a great way to discover new books either at a deep discount or completely free. What you may not realize is that some sites charge authors to list their deals and some do not. The following sites either charge a small fee or are free for authors to use. Some sites email deals daily, some weekly, and some might just list them on a website, but all will have links to the store where the books are being offered (typically Amazon, but some will list Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other outlets).

For authors, these sites offer free or inexpensive options for promoting your work while it is on sale, free, and in some instances, a new release. Just make sure to read the submission requirements. I tried to grab the sites with as few exclusions as possible, but remember, no two promo sites are the same.

I'll add to this list from time to time. If you've got a site you love, either as a reader or an author, post in the comments!

Book Zio