*CLOSED*2015 Author's Cyber Convention Contest #1: Get Your Awkward On!

***The contest is now closed. Congratulations, Quoleena!***

Hello convention goers and anyone who randomly stumbled across my blog today! This first contest will be for a paperback copy of my YA sci-fi book, Kind of Like Life

All Renee Ward ever wanted out of life was two things: Good friends to share her love of fantasy and fairy tales, and for magic to be real. When her family moves halfway across the country in the middle of her senior year, it appears as if Renee just might get her wish. With its Victorian homes and quaint downtown, Waterside is almost too good to be true. Not only does she find friends who share her interests, but she also meets a cute guy who seems to have a magical secret or two of his own. But after a visit from the mysterious Blake Carter, Renee’s new utopian life suddenly turns into a never-ending nightmare. The only question is, how much of this is real, and how much is just in her head?

This is an action-packed sci-fi adventure, but like many young adult tales, it deals a bit with the awkwardness of teenage life. If you take a moment to peruse my blog, you'll see that I know a lot about being awkward and I'm quite removed from my teen years. 
To enter to win a signed paperback copy of Kind of Like Life, you are going to have to break through the awkwardness. You see, the great thing about indie authors is that most of us are extremely accessible and easy to get along with. Yes, even those of us who are painfully awkward would rather have the respect of people who would like to call us friends over a bunch of adoring fans to be kept at arms length. 
So that's it. All you have to do is talk to me. You can leave a comment right here on this blog, you can ask me a question on Goodreads, or you can Tweet to me. You can just say hello, tell me about an awkward experience you've had, or ask me about my own awkward moments. It doesn't matter as long as you say something.

Winners will be selected randomly on Monday the 13th and will be announced right here on this post. I will also cross-post to Facebook and Twitter.
Good luck!

Do you prefer digital? For the duration of the convention, the Kindle ebook version of Kind of Like Life will be just $0.99 in the US market£0.99 in the UK market